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9 CES 2021 Tech Products That Will Enrich Our ‘New Normal’ Lives

The Lab Presents CES 2021 Round Up

9 CES 2021 Tech Products That Will Enrich Our ‘New Normal’ Lives Joseph Walker, III Here we are – the “New Normal.” The 21st century has changed everything about the way we work, live and play. You can’t fight it, but you can find your own comfort zone if you look for it. That’s why this year’s Consumer Electronics Show …

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New Birth Baptist Church Minister Dr. Jamal Bryant Discusses Life after First Anniversary, Tupac Shakur, Ministry Transition and His African Royalty Connection

Dr. Jamal Bryant has been New Birth Baptist Church for a year now and things have changed for the positive after the tumultuous background and scandal during the Eddie Long tenure. It wasn’t an easy road but Dr. Bryant brought a new life and direction to the already existing foundation that has paid off tremendously for the community. Often, Dr. …

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Harriet: Be Free or Die Is History We Need To Know

The actual movie experience has been lackluster these days, what with competing sources such as streaming (Netflix, Hulu) and on demand. And does anyone still do DVD’s? These alternatives always seem to show the same type of content from comic book-based genre to horror to blockbuster action flicks. So, when a movie like “Harriet: Be Free or Die” comes out, …

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New Novel ‘Not Mine to Keep’ Is Sexy Novel For The Times We Live In

Eroticism. Shawn-Taye. Two names you need to get to know because this new novel will keep you glued as a page-turner to read. It’s so simple these days to live life on the Internet through social media. However, serious readers often take to a more tried-and-true avenues of mental stimulation such as books. Even if you’re not in this category …

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David A. Thomas Reacts to Recent Million-Dollar Morehouse Gift From Robert Smith

Morehouse President Dr. David A. Thomas recently was spotted at the Hope Global Forum and was asked about the recent event that highlighted the 2019 graduation over at the institution. For those who haven’t heard by now, private equity investor and billionaire Robert F. Smith gave the commencement speech at Morehouse College., The highlight of that speech was he announced …

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Where Family, Corporations and Police Meet, @Promise Field Day Exists

Saturday May 18 was the second annual @Promise Field Day at Kennedy Park in Atlanta, GA. It was the type of field day that’s been long lost. There were team games, food, treats and competition, all making it a successful family-oriented event, and sponsored by the city of Atlanta. However, the greatest attendees were the kids and their families, making …

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Hope Global Forum Hosts First Women’s Pitch Competition with MasterCard and Square

Recently, Atlanta was the site for Hope Global Forum to host the first women’s entrepreneurial pitch competition for nationwide upstart businesses. Along with financial institutions MasterCard and Square, the turnout to pitch new and existing ideas was a long-awaited forum. What made it especially timely was MasterCard has recently launched a new initiative based on the United Nations fifth Sustainable …

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Shaq Selling Suits Significantly Sends Serious Signals

Shaquille O’Neal @Shaq wears many hats since he retired from his professional NBA career. Even though it started during that time, he has become a force in many careers including sheriff’s deputy in Georgia, sports analyzer and announcer, advertising pitchman, movie star, rapper, MMA & wrestling contender, businessman, investor, minority owner of the Sacramento Kings, and even earned an education …

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‘Amazing Grace’ Concert Movie Stars Aretha Franklin at Her Very Best

“Amazing Grace” is a new movie starring Aretha Franklin, chronicling a 1972 concert. Since its release last month,  it has proven to be one of the more powerfully anticipated concert documentaries released to date. The film, produced by Byron Cage @ByronCage, Tirrell Whittley @TirrellWhittley, and Vaughn Franklin is historic on a couple levels. First, it was filmed in 1972, a …

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