Klymaxx FM Speaks On Longevity In The Music Business & Encourages Female Musicians To Master Their Craft

Klymaxx FM is the reboot of the all girl band Klymaxx with a new flavor.  Led by original bass player and singer Joyce “Fenderella” Irby, with Regina Troupe, Sheryl Harper, Katarina Mia, Vanessa Izabella, & Kim Cage Riley.  The band takes time to speak to Tall Boy on what they have been doing over the last few years.  Joyce Irby talks about their new song “Take You Back”  and how it came into fruition.   She also shares where she was when their hit song “Men All Pause” played on the radio for the first time.  The group also performs for the crowd at Wednesday Wind Down at Centennial Olympic Park.

The band members share there thoughts on women in the music business & where the music is today.  To learn more on the group follow them on Twitter @KlymaxxFM or visit their website www.klymaxxfm.com.


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