The Network of Starrs Foundation Has Launched

The non-profit  Network of Starrs Foundation Inc is officially here.  Entrepreneurship and networking are vital keys to success in today’s society.  Executive director Corey “Tall Boy” Sanders was pleased to announce the 501(c)3 status.

This project has been under wraps for a few months now.  “I did not know what to expect and didn’t want to speak prematurely” say Sanders.  “I have been doing career days schools across Atlanta and a few other states for 6 years talking to kids about finding a legal hustle & networking.”

The Network of Starrs Foundation was created after the death of Sanders mom in 2015 after fighting a long battle with Lupus for many years.  Her nickname was Starr in the biker community.  She would always challenge him to use his resources around him and remind him of his network of connections.

The mission is to motivate and challenge our youth to use the resources around them by meeting new people and using their skills and talents to create an environment of confidence.  Students are encouraged to evaluate their talents and to develop a strategy that is conducive to entrepreneurship.  This is accomplished through student interaction and the use of videos showing athletes, celebrities, and influencers sharing their definitions of what legal “Hustling and Networking” skills are all about. The focus is slightly different at each level but the goal remains the same; empower the young person to find what they are passionate about and surround themselves around the people that are doing it.

The summer goal is to introduce the non-profit to a few summer camps around the city, and then create a curriculum for youth to introduce to the school systems.  We have partnered with City of Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL) and presented “The Make It Happen” program.

A panel of different entrepreneurs will visit PAL and talk to the youth about their professions.  Once the panel session is complete campers/students will break off into smaller groups based off of their individual interests to receive a more in-depth look into that career path.  At the conclusion, the campers will decide on an event they would like to put together.   Based off of their interest campers will work in that particular field with mentor/ panelist to make sure the event is executed.

The board of directors consist of Jermaine Ralph, Bob Janifer, Chaz Gipson, Ingrid Rivers, & Andre Watson.

Here is a video of what the Hustle & Network Tour is all about as well as some of the celebrities & influencers  that have participated in previous years.


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