Hate In America Host Tony Harris Discusses Why You Should Watch Discovery ID

Tony Harris Discusses "Hate In America"

Emmy award winning host Tony Harris attended the “Hate In America” reception at the National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) & National Association of Hispanic Journalist (NAHJ) convention in Washington D.C.  He spoke exclusively to Tall Boy about the show, some of the challenges he has faced and some of his most memorable stories he has covered.

Harris is a B.A. graduate in English from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.  He entered broadcasting as a nineteen-year-old radio disc jockey in his native Baltimore, Maryland. Harris co-anchored CNN Saturday Morning and CNN Sunday Morning with Betty Nguyen until he made the move to anchor CNN Newsroom on September 8, 2008. He was also a frequent substitute anchor on weekday news programs including American Morning.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been one of the groups fighting for racial and social justice since 1971, and they have teamed up with Investigation Discovery and Emmy award-winning journalist Harris for ID’s latest series, Hate in America. The series debuted February 29, 2016 with the episode “The Klan on Trial.”

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is an organization of African-American journalists, students, and media professionals. Founded in 1975 in Washington, D.C., by 44 journalists, the NABJ’s stated purpose is to provide quality programs and services to and advocate on behalf of black journalists.[1] The organization has worked for diversity and to increase the number of minorities in newsrooms across the country.  The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) is a Washington, D.C.-based organization dedicated to the advancement of Hispanic journalists in the United States and Puerto Rico. It was established in 1984.  NAHJ has approximately 2,300 members, including working journalists, journalism students, other media-related professionals and journalism educators.

To learn more on Discovery ID visit http://www.investigationdiscovery.com or follow them on Twitter @DISCOVERYID To learn more on Tony Harris follow him on Twitter @TWEETTONYHARRIS



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