Theodis Ealey delivers true blues music to Atlanta fans

Theodis Ealey talks career with Tall Boy

The best music event to finish out 2016 was the Blues & BarBQue Charity Birthday concert, staged at the Museum Bar in Atlanta November 2016. The performances by blues music legends Willie Clayton, Theodis Ealey and Keisha Jackson continued to deliver the best music in the world to a packed room of loyal fans who appreciated the sound. As the event was a charity birthday bash, the artists brought their game, played it well and Tall Boy brings you the blues experience.

Mississippi has produced some of the greatest blues musicians and singers in the world. It’s the mark of true greatness that the craft lives on in their native son musician/singer Theodis Ealey due to the history that precedes him. Born in Natchex, his history started at 13-years old at the Horse Shoe club in his hometown, and he’s never looked back. During Tall Boy’s interview, he reveals he is part of the Ealey brothers family music legend group before venturing out on his own. Ealey is also part of the Mississippi Blues Trail on Highway 61, a series of historical interpreting landmarks strategically placed throughout the state. Known for his hit “Stand Up In It,” he reminisces about his performing with the late Sarah Livingston before she died. Livingston is Rafael Sadiq sister, and Ealey speaks about a possible future collaboration. Let it be said that blues artists are very aware and have outspoken views on the state of the world. Ealey believes black empowerment is possible if not achievable. His take on the future role of blues in music is about ownership. “Until we get our own radio stations and play what we want, we can’t complain. We need to come together. We don’t own hospitals, grocery stores or anything.”

The true soul of blues music with Theodis Ealey is the commitment of the artist, sustainability of talent and support of the fans. His music is real, emotional, honest and relatable. Everyone can identify with it because it defines life.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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