Miss Mulatto opens Pittstop and makes it happen with new fashion boutique

PITTSTOP Grand Opening with Miss Mulatto


Miss Mulatto. The name brings to mind the image of the 21st century mover-and-shaker in the music rap game, and you can always look forward to her being involved in various ventures outside of the business. Today was a perfect example of how Miss Mulatto is transcending her talents and interests in other arenas, particularly fashion, with the opening of a new fashion boutique called Pittstop.

As a creative artist, she has accomplished much in her 17-years as a professional since 2008. At her peak, she conquered the world of Hip-Hop by winning season 1 of Jermaine Dupree’s “The Rap Game” competition and solidifying a recording contract with SoSo Def records, she now set her sights on the passion of her life: fashion and merchandising. Miss Mulatto had already made a name for herself through collaborations and associations with such artists as Da Brat, Young Lyric, Outkast and various other artists, the “No More Talking” artist isn’t stopping now. Now showing a smart and savvy business knowledge at 17-years old, Pittstop is the latest drive in her life to enhance her passion. It says a lot about what young, African-American entrepreneurs are achieving in the 21st century.

Accordingly, Pittstop is more than a store or boutique, but an expression of Miss Mulatto’s fashion sense and it’s stocked with items from designers Decades of Dope and Lrevere. Stepping into the store is a journey into a blend of cutting edge fashion and music history. The walls are adorned with many music memorabilia include a guitar and the wall of vinyl records. It’s not only clothes but jewelry and accessories help anchor the look you’ll be drawn to.  Adding to the uniqueness and commitment to her craft, the store also has an in-house recording studio which is available for music and voice-overs.

The event was well attended by various Hip-Hop artist in celebration and support from Bone Crusher, Storytellah, Hip-Hop artists 2Crucial, and the community in general. MC for the event was Cameraman Atl who kept the crowd be in the moment. Inside was equally as fun with cupcakes, assorted pastries, egg nog, cookies and more snacks then you can dream of. Especially the trophy cake in Miss Mulatto’s honor apply named “Death by Chocolate,” catered by “Delicias by Jenn.” Rounding out the event on the ones-and-twos was DJ Jada Byrd, just pumping up the sounds to get in the mood.

  • Joseph Walker, III


Pittstop is located at 10459 Tara Blvd, Jonesboro 30236.

Check out Miss Mulatto on instagram.com/iammissmulatto/ or twitter.com/missmulatto247

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