Keisha Jackson keeps the blues alive in Atlanta concert

Blues & Soul singer Keisha Jackson talks career with Tall Boy

With a music family legacy, sometimes making your own signature in blues becomes a journey unto itself. However, Keisha Jackson has managed to travel the road well and isn’t stopping for anyone. She performed in the Blues & BarBQue Charity Birthday Bash for Jonathan Hart in downtown Atlanta just before Thanskgiving. After the concert, the always outspoken Keisha gave the an exclusive interview with Tall Boy.

Keisha rounded out the bill, and performed from a female perspective which is always real and right on time. Though known as Millie’s daughter, she always manages to hold her own since the age of 16-years old, However, do not compare the two since it’s doing yourself an injustice.In fact, Ms. Jackson manages to bring her own game and gave the crowd more than they expected. In the Tall Boy interview, she tells us about her latest single yet to be released entitled “Give You My All,” and reveals how she manages to merge blues music with social media, keeping her relevant in the 21st century.

It’s best to remember that blues music has a history dating back to the 19th century and isn’t going anywhere. The fact that it has been the root of all American music is nothing to dismiss, and women played – and continue to – play an essential role in the shape, sound and style of what blues music is. Keisha not only makes it look good and easy, as an artist it’s about a combination of guts and talent that are often intertwined and singular at the same time.For Keisha, it’s straight, no chaser, and giving it all means no restrictions to the fans. That night was no exception. So, check out the Tall Boy interview as he brings you more of the experience.

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