Kent Bazemore & the Atlanta Hawks spread Christmas love to a deserving family

Kent Bazemore and the Arms Foundation spread Christmas love to a deserving family

Sports and charity are synonymous with reaching goals and fulfilling dreams. This year in Atlanta none are more involved in the act of charity as NBA’s Kent Bazemore, his ARM Foundation and the Atlanta Hawks basketball organization. However, the act of giving is not about charity, but a process of elevating dreams into reality. It was evident on Tuesday, August 20th at the Top Golf Midtown facility in Atlanta.

A lucky family of five, the youngest being a preemie, were the benefactors of the ARM Foundation’s holiday giveaway. Selection of the family was recommended by Principal Lincoln Wood from the Tuskegee Airmen Global Academy, which is a part of the APS system. There’s something about kids that make feelings and intentions come together for the greater good in their life. For Bazemore, it’s really about the kids, as he can relate to growing up in the same type of environment. Relating to the fact his parents struggled, Mom especially working 3-jobs, so he takes his role as serious as he takes his basketball career. When the little things like kids tearing into presents of clothes and shoes are a priority, then one can’t help but admire the effort and time put in by Bazemore and the ARM Foundation.

The nobler the cause, the more support is needed, and Bazemore always recognizes and involves his sponsors. Whether it’s Under Armor, State Farm Insurance, Atlanta Hawks, Edward Jones Investments, AB Sports Management and all other interested benefactors, it’s important to the success of this endeavor. This partnership between Bazemore and sponsors is built on the strength of his career milestones from the Golden State Warriors, to the Lakers, and presently the Atlanta Hawks. For a 27-year old from Kelford, North Carolina, and alumni of Old Dominion University, this is impressive.

As we roll into 2017, it’s refreshing to still see sports figures that do for the community in an effort to set an example of leadership in order for others to benefit. The best way to make a person smile other than winning a basketball game is to include them in a world they may never be a part of. Although it’s just one family, help has to start somewhere. Kent Bazemore and his ARM Foundation is affecting the outcome in a positive manner and will continue to do so. It’s all about leading by example and Bazemore has a firm handle on the leadership. It’s more than winning games; its networking and hustling to change lives and get it done.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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