2 Chainz blowing up with new restaurant, Hawks merchandising deal

Rapper 2 Chainz performs for fans & makes partnership with the Atlanta Hawks

What does it take to remain a baller and shot caller at age 39 when you reach the top of the rap game? Ask 2 Chainz and he’ll tell you it’s about focus, vision and commitment to make it happen. Well, this is 2 Chainz world, so welcome to it.

After 20-years in the business, you would think 2 Chainz rests on his game but this is evidence of him stepping up and into a new realm of entrepreneurship. The clothing line is in partnership with the Atlanta Hawks, which he is a true fan. Features as oversize fittings, you can look for T’s, long sleeves, hoodies and dad caps. The largest selling is the “CEO,OOO,OOO” T-shirt, which has the 2 Chainz image in gold on a dark background, overshadowing Atlanta #2 (as in 2 Chainz). 2 Chainz Dec. 30 appearance at the Phillips Arena, the Hawks beat the Pistons 105 – 98, with Paul Milsap leading the way with 26-points.

Success in the music game is something 2 Chainz looks forward to and his fans expect. Therefore, it shouldn’t be any different with 2 new ventures in 2017. With just a little diversity and spin, look for his restaurant Escobar Restaurant & Lounge on Peters St. and right down the street in Atlanta Hawks country is his new clothing line “Hibachi for Lunch” that the ball team is promoting. Accordingly, one of 2 Chainz most popular T-shirts is the highest selling apparel to date. No doubt, since his appearances at half-time and postgame performances pull in the biggest attendances. And just to sweeten the pot, 2 Chainz is giving away his mix-tape, also named “Hibachi for Lunch.”

It’s always exciting when new eateries open and “Hibachi for Lunch” promises to be right in there. As a collaboration with Hookah Hideaway owner Mychel Dillard, the menu will feature collard green spring rolls, grilled ribeye steak, crab cakes, seafood linguine, chicken sliders and an assortment of sides, salads and desserts. Not to mention drink offerings that include craft cocktails and fishbowls.

Although this is new territory for 2 Chainz, he still commands his old music territory. The new product out now features Gucci Mane, Future, Ty Dolla, Mike WILL Make It, K5, Quavo, FKi among others. And it’s always humbling when an artist such as 2 Chainz considers himself a work in progress. He’ll always ensure a fan base that continues his work remains consistent and creative.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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