Fitness rock star Nicole Chaplin is the face of Monster Products “ISport” 2017 campaign.

Nicole Chaplin talks Monster, Healthy lifestyle & new book Yes Maam



For personal fitness trainer Nicole Chaplin, her chosen path in life was a message from God. With that mission in mind, she has become more than a beast at it but also incorporates motivation into this lifestyle. We all know, the path to what you want to do is often second to what we actually wind up doing. Fortunately for us, Nicole has utilized all the experiences of this path to success into what she offers her clients.

Chaplain holds expert certifications in boxing, TRX, kickboxing, group exercise, and kettle bells, and has written a book “Yes MAM! Your Muscle As A Motivator,” available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle. She owns Bella X-Fitness Center in NY and is presently the face of Monster Products 2017 national campaign “Run Like A Monster.” Included in the campaign from Monster is a new line of Bluetooth wireless sports earphones called “ISport,” which is designed for workouts and designed not fall out your ears when active.

As motivated and aggressive a lifestyle Chaplin tends to lead, she is humble when speaking about her inspiration, which is her Mommy. When she sees her, she sees a beautiful woman with a lot of souls & heart, so seeing her go hard makes her want to go harder. It’s important to stay centered, focused and real in what the universe has to offer. This is evident when Chaplin reaches out to children. Being big into motivation & youth, she emphasizes everything in moderation.

Her book is a healthy mixture of motivation and personal health, from a different prospectus. It’s all in the approach, starting with the title. “MAM” is short for Muscle As Motivator, and explains each muscle group in your body has a significant meaning and correlates to a positive principle. For example, your core/abs is talking about your morals, quads talk about the 4-steps you can take to accomplish your goals, and biceps represent mental & physical strength.

And Chaplin has specific suggestions on motivation: “You have to sustain this lifestyle for the rest of your life. If you don’t put things in (what I call) your chest box, it’s not going to last, so put good things in your chest box, like meditation, golden nuggets, energy. These things will last.”

Considering the awesome grind she has maintained on the way to her success, she reflected on hustle vs. networking. “Hustle means going hard for what you believe in. Networking is when you go somewhere to meet as many people as possible, it’s with a purpose, what you can offer people , and what can they bring to yours.”

Last, Chaplin wants to be remembered, “For a girl that when she walked in the room they knew that she loved God, and they she tried to show god in how she treated people.” Real talk from a real motivator on real life.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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