Sail fish champion Peter Miller takes technology to high seas at 2017 CES

Bass 2 Billfish star Peter Miller has a conversation with Tall Boy

The world of competitive fishing brought 3-time champion Peter Miller to the 2017 CES convention with new products and awareness of the sport. To prove that CES reaches all aspects of the globe, Monster Products recently partnered with the blue-ribbon athlete in Vegas to promote their new “Back Float” waterless speaker system.

Fact of the matter, Miller host of the wildly popular “Bass2Billfish” television program on NBC Sports, and has done so over the last 8-seasons. He lent his magic on the first Monster Products national TV commercial, which plays off “a day in the life” formula.

While there may appear to be small in size, it makes up for a larger-than-life sound that Monster Products is known for. Still, being waterproof is cool but the speakers are completely submersible. Miller likes to joke that you put these speakers in the water and the fish come to check out the sound.

As spirited as Miller is about the art and sport of fishing, he’s equally passionate about some of his more charitable work, such as Wounded Vets Association, and children with Down Syndrome through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With the Make-A-Wish Foundation, it’s his chance to lift their esteem up by taking them fishing. This activity often gets involved sometimes with 12-hour fishing excursion but he loves it, and feels the kids do also. With the Wounded Vets Association and other similar organizations such as #22 Kill (the push up challenge) that brings attention to veteran suicide, and the National Guard. It’s this chance to enrich the lives of others who don’t necessarily get the opportunities to experience the outdoor life through fishing.

But Miller has always been motivated and he gets direction from so many places. To him, it’s about sharing the experiences with others, people who couldn’t necessarily do it on their own through fishing. And maybe it’s his legacy to be remembered for showing the world what it’s like being in the outdoors, living right and living clean.

His views on hustle vs. networking are pure Peter Miller: “Networking is important to raise the funds to fund the project. Hustle is continually pounding the pavement, just getting it going.” Further he states,  “Never settle for mediocrity and always ratcheting up to be better and better because they’re always coming for you.”

To his present and soon-to-be fans of “Bass2Billfish,” he thanks for watching the 8-seasons he televised. Now with 10-channels including Youtube, and has been consistent for 300-episodes a year.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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