Monster Products wows again in 2017 CES Convention with new products

Head Monster Noel Lee shares the top 2 Monster Products for 2017

2017 is in full swing and what better way to start it off than with two new Monster Products sound items that are (pardon the pun) bound to catch your ear. Self-described “Head Monster” CEO Noel Lee of Monster Products Company was on hand to tell about his new releases.

The newest Ravebox speaker and Elements headphones are now added to the family of quality products that have been around 38-years. The brief history of the Noel Lee and his Monster Products Company is that he is the original creator and inventor of Beats by Dr. Dre. Prior to all this, he had completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from California Polytechnic State University, eventually becoming involved in laser fusion work at Lawrence Livermore  National University.

The commitment to music had already started when he began playing drums for a country rock group, after quitting the engineering company he worked for in 1974. It was 1979 when Lee founded Monster Cable, a company that produced loudspeaker speaker cables he invented and manufactured. Even though the Beats Company didn’t work out for him, he has not overlooked or diminished his commitment to offer quality product to consumers. With his success through Monster Products Company, he tells people he’s “takes no responsibility for what they’re doing today.”

As a stand-alone speaker, the Ravebox is a monster blaster on steroids that offers clean, crisp, clear sound and a light show, meaning you can have a whole disco party in your home. This modern technology based off the early boom box features advanced technology, with deep pounding bass and a dazzling synchronized kaleidoscopic colored light show that pulses in synch to the music. You can go all night even with the light show with up to 12-hours of continuous play time even with blasting bass response, but if your cell phone does run low on batteries there’s a charge right from the Ravebox.

Elements headphones can fit in your lifestyle due to the pallet of designs inspired by natural elements and sports-inspired style. On top of the superior quality of sound you can hear, it has digital direct. So if you have an iPhone 7, you can bypass all those cables and just enjoy.

Noel Lee’s beginning in the industry starting out in his garage, seems like the quintessential poverty-to-riches story. However true it really is, he has a simple philosophy  he seems to have embraced throughout this journey, and defines his hustle versus networking.

It’s always about teaching young kids get off your but, got to have a career so you can support everybody, got to have a way to make money.”

  • Joseph Walker, III


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