The Avila Brothers talk about music, technology and the need to be open at 2017 CES

Avila Brothers talk legacy, music and Monster

Anybody in the business or lifestyle dictated by technology and creativity is sure to be at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) Conventions in Las Vegas. In 2017, it was a chance encounter with the Avila Brother, two producers who helped shape the sound for the last 13-years, and happen to be brothers.

Bobby Ross and Iz Avila’s names are synonymous with such artists as Janet Jackson and Gwen Stefani to name a couple. However, you’ll always remember – never forget – the Grammy nominated album of 2012 “Confessions” by Usher. Still, not to get ahead of these facts, most of their success has been based on a mixture of creativity, innovation and their eclectic style of many the types of music they have grown up with, including influences by James Taylor and Elton John.

As if that weren’t enough, you’ll recognize their influence with Monster Products and company CEO Noel Lee, as they’ve been part of the family for years they still remain involved. The Avila’s are still bringing new ideas that are forward thinking, timeless, and inspirational. “We brought beats 13 yrs ago to Monster, now we’re bringing new product that’s ground breaking. Never do anything by yourself.”

While they say there’s no formula for their music or success, you feel their passion for the craft. If nothing else, they prefer to remain open and just let the music flow.

“Try not to be negative. You have to look at the George Benson’s, the Sly Stone’s, the Burt Bacharach’s, the Jimi Hendrix’s. In order to move forward you have to look back at … music is different and we have a different culture, the first black president, as producers & creators we need to make great music, want to give the world our best at 100%. That’s our talent, that’s what God has given us. You never want to be that person that looked at the youth crazy when they’re listening to their music. Don’t be a dinosaur, be open.”

The Avila Brothers were on their way to the George Benson concert, but wanted to share their views on the phenomenal artist. When they speak, you can tell they’re big fans, so their support came through.

George Benson is bigger than a song, he’s a musician who supersedes many boundaries, and  his musicianship is more than a song.”

  • Joseph Walker, III


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