Acting heavyweight Robert Davi talks legacy and motivation

Robert Davi talks Monster and acting

When you talk to award-winning actor, jazz vocalist, director, musician, screenwriter and entertainer Robert Davi, you realize how down-to-earth this professional is. The fact that he is so accessible in talking about the things that matter in life will surprise you as much as what he has done in life. He appeared on the red carpet for the 2017 Monster Retailer Awards “An Elegant Night Of Music” With George Benson & Friends in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to talk about just those things.

Not counting television roles, Davi is a veteran of 140-movies in his career as an actor since 1977. It’s his acclaimed accomplishments and chops as a popular jazz vocalist that will surprise you also. His 2011 album release Davi Sings Sinatra: On the Road to Romance reached number 6 on the Billboard jazz charts. He’s even been acknowledged by Toronto’s Italian Walk of Fame (the equivalent to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame), honoring his notable contributions to the Italian community. Trust and believe you’ve seen Robert Davi in some of your favorites TV and movie roles sometime or another.

With all this going on, when does Davi have time to breathe, let alone take that alone time we all crave? It has everything to do with what motivates him.

The need to express, connect, an opening of your heart. Music opens your heart and allows that connection, the intimacy & communion with people.”

What becomes the soul of an artist is what he believes in. And despite all the accolades, work and investment in the craft, it means nothing if you’re remembered for the wrong things.

I want to be remembered for a multitude of things. As a good person, a good father (5 children), respected for the music and film … also as a patriot, a lover of life and all humanity.”

The work just doesn’t stop coming for Davi. He has two films coming this year:  The Deported,” and Bachelor Lions.” There’s also a Leonardo DiCaprio-backed documentary coming soon about his life called Davi’s Way.” He calls it a comedy following him and the music and the insanity that comes with it.

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