Beastgrip is essential gear for serious Phoneographers at CES 2017

Beast Grip is the camera rig for your cell phone

If you own a smartphone, you’re a Phoneographer. If you want to elevate the game into the professional arena, Beastgrip is the company you need to check out. They’ve been supplying mobile photography/videography gear since 2012, and are out with new items showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017.

Beastgrip company representative Sean Lawrence was on hand to present the new gear available now that included and array of mounts, lenses and adapters. He’s enthusiastic about the use of cell phone mounts for various camera activities, whether digital or video. Beastgrip gear can turn any smartphone into monster camera rig, in order to get high quality video and production images. It uses the same concept as traditional camera rigs but adapted for whatever phone you have. This includes but not limited to shoe mounts, 1/4 20 mounts, tripods, lenses and more. The basic cage has 1 built-in show mount but can add up to 4-additional shoe mounts.

If you’re involved in live streaming as one of the applications the gear allows, you’ll be blown away by the next level of production and image quality you achieve with Beastgrip.

The Chicago, Ill-based company is presently doing a Kickstarter campaign in order to expand their collection to professional series lenses and depth of field adapters. Get 15% off Beastgrip gear with the “CES 2017” code. However, you can still purchase available gear now. The basic cage is $140 to start and options to build your rig any way you like.

  • Joseph Walker, III


Check out the Beastgrip gear at  WWW.BEASTGRIP.COM or follow on Twitter @BEASTGRIP

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