Benjilock is world’s newest fingerprint padlock at CES 2017

The oddest name for a padlock will soon become the newest addition to your security arsenal. Although not the newest invention, it certainly is the latest to improve on fingerprint technology for padlocks.

Robbie Cabral may have hit upon a need-based item that we all take for granted. When you think about padlocks, nobody thought about how difficult it becomes when you lose the key, but nobody thinks about a simple solution … until now.

Fingerprint technology is increasing in the 21st century, so why not apply it to padlocks. Benjilock is a traditional padlock with the new technology, and still utilizing access with a key, which categorizes it as a hybrid. If you lose the key, you can still open the lock because of the encryption-equipped software. It has a 1-year rechargeable battery that allows the fingerprint technology to work. The applications for the padlock are endless but include the gym, outdoor activities, school lockers. Ahead is the depending upon TSA approval so Benjilock can be used for travel.

As a Los Angeles, CA startup, he talks about how the Benjilock came to be. Short story is about loss of job, expectant mother, depression due to weight gain, inspiration from the gym, daughter born on same day of job loss, new idea, but it does have a happy ending. Benjilock has been nominated for a 2017 Innovative Award. Presently, Benjilock is in the pre-launch phase but will be available September 2017.

If nothing else, this is the power of believing in your brand and what you do.

  • Joseph Walker, III


Check out the Benjilock at  WWW.BENJILOCK.COM and follow them on Twitter @BENJILOCK

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