Forget lost chargers and cords with iChargerlock unveiled at CES2017

I-Charger Lock

One of the most annoying things is misplacing, losing or someone stealing your smartphone charger or cord. Worry no more because iChargerlock is the simple solution for these dilemmas.

Another new item showing up at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 was at the booth manned by company president Michael Madison, who explained that the iChargerlock fits over your charger and screws into the wall outlet so people can’t walk off with your charger or cord, and is suitable for home or office.

The iChargerlock does fit into either the top or bottom outlet, however when installed in the bottom, it does cover a portion of the top outlet. iChargerlock is installed and uninstalled with any standard or straight slot screwdriver.

Worried about power consumption? Don’t be because transformers consume power whenever they are plugged into the wall, whether they are connected to a device or not.. Estimates vary, but it’s certainly not much. Most claims give more figures for different standbys, and give that for a phone charger at about 0.4W. You can consume that power for 380 days to get the same amount of energy as a hot bath.

Presently, the iChargerlock is available in 1-color for the iPhone Cube now at $12.95 on Amazon. Shipping is included and the package comes with iChargerlock, replacement screw, zip tie and 1 sheet of instructions.

  • Joseph Walker, III


Check out the iChargerlock on Instagram  @ICHARGERLOCK or visit them online at    WWW.ICHARGERLOCK.COM

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