MyCharge unveils 2 new products for smart devices at CES 2017

Let’s admit it: we All want, need and seek more power for our smart devices, tablets, laptops, eReaders, computers and everything else we can’t seem to do without. Well, it’s now a reality and soon to be in the stores as early as April 2017.

A relatively new company, MyCharge is poised to become the leader in quick charging portable charging solutions. The Michigan-based manufacturer has an array of power banks and power cases that use lithium polymer batteries for quick charging. That’s important to know because in the power-hungry world we live in, speed and efficiency is a priority along with ease of use. The 2-offerings sighted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year is a good start.

Julie Pickens, V.P. of Marketing for MyCharge, showed off the Adventurer and the CarHubQC. Fascinating little products, each has unique designs and features that help define what’s to come in the world of power solutions.

With the Adventurer, the line has the Ultra and Extreme versions, with power up to 20,000 milliamps (mA), which is enough to power a television. In fact, with the Adventurer line, you can be watching a television program for up to 5-hours because of the AC power plugs built into the unit. Therefore it’s not charging but actually powering the television. An LED readout lets you know if it’s powering or how much juice you have left. The designs on both versions are great for emergencies like blackouts, camping, and anything that requires immediate energy to continue with life as you’re accustomed to.

CarHubQC is pretty much self-explanatory as far as the name goes, but the features are ahead of the time for what it delivers. Designed for automobile use, the QC means it has Qualcomm technology 3.0 where other units are only 2.0. Simply put, it delivers more power faster to your devices. With 6-different USB hubs, there’s ample sharing of this one unit.

MyCharge has decided to take the show on the road this summer as part of their commitment to community. This company iniaitive is based upon the premise “to trade up from old chargers that may not have the best safety ratings, get rid if it … we’re going to give you one of ours.” Quite literally, they will be in various cities across America giving away these portable storage units when you trade in your old chargers. Adventurer will be available in April this year, with summer being the target for CarHubQC.

We leave you with something to think about. If you want to keep your life powered, you have to have power otherwise there is no lifestyle. Without power there is no charge, and in order to be big, you have to have power.

MyCharge has the power to charge your lifestyle.

  • Joseph Walker, III


Check their website for tour and pop-up dates at  WWW.MYCHARGE.COM and follow them on Twitter @MYCHARGEPOWER

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