3D Smart headphones by Inspero debuts at CES 2017

The next big thing in sound are Vinci 3D headphones that do more than just play music. It also has the capabilities to improve your lifestyle.

Lofty goals you think, but a company named Inspero has come up with a couple versions that may help change your mind, if not how you listen to music day-to-day. Vinci 3D headphones fall into the category of smart devices that perform multiple functions as voice control your music, a  fitness tracker and heart rate monitor, includes a standalone HiFi music player, touch screen technology, a 3D sound recording function and gesture interface. All this is standard and utilizes WiFi, 3G, and Bluetooth 4.1 and is wire-free and phone-free, which is perfect for joggers, travelers and all music lovers. For joggers, there are sensors clocking all body data that include tracking your speed, location, and heart rate to start. While you do this, the algorithms recommend the right music for you, or you can suggest what you want to hear.

Vinci 3D headphones include a proximity sensor, so they’ll automatically pause the music when you take them off your head, and resume when you put them on. Ask for songs, as well as play, pause, skip (swipe) and favorite songs (double-tap). Speaking of which, you can connect through Amazon’s Alexa, Soundcloud and Spotify. What’s unique about the Vinci 3D’s is the use of AI and natural language process in the algorithms to make the device really understand you.

What about storage and battery life? Vinci 3D headphones comes with 16GB of on-board storage with up to 32G storage and the battery life is up to 6-hours using the touch screen. Turn the screen off and the battery life is longer.

So, why use Vinci 3D headphones? Whether you choose, white, pink, red, or yellow, Inspero’s game-changer is a truly independent headphone that you can upload thousands of songs. You can choose either the regular or the pro model. All the features on the regular version are included with the pro version, but the pro version also includes wireless charging and active noise cancellation.

Their Kickstarter and Indiegogo programs let you get in on the fun in April and if you do, the backers can purchase them at half-price. Otherwise, look for them to be on the general market in May of 2017.

Just think “Smart headphones with AI.”

  • Joseph Walker, III


Check out the Vinci 3D headphones at    HTTPS://EN.VINVI.IM  Follow them on Twitter @VINCIHEARABLE

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