BodyGuardz says no more broken screens at CES 2017

At some point in time you’ve dropped your cell phone and the result was a cracked or broken screen. Now, those days are coming to an end because BodyGuardz has come up with a solution for your iPhone, Android or LG phone.

In 2002, a company called BGZ brands came up with a solution that has steadily become the fastest growing company that actually has revolutionized the cell phone industry due to the quality of its product called BodyGuardz. Sometimes also known as device protection, the reasonably priced products and services they believe are a step above the rest.

No novice at development, the present product has gone through several changes and versions to get to where they are now. With a nod to ScreenGuardz, which won a CES Innovation award in 2013, this gave way to more development for BodyGuardz.

BodyGuardz is the only cell phone protection device on the market that is made from a product called “Unequal.” If you’re an avid sports enthusiast (and for those who don’t know), this product helps reduce shock upon impact for athletes in the sports world. The design is slim and low-profile. BGZ brands also have glass-free protectors for full body protection, not just the screen.

So, say goodbye to cracked and broken screens … say hello to BodyGuardz.

  • Joseph Walker, III


Check out BGZ brands and BodyGuardz at WWW.BODYGUARDZ.COM.  Follow BodyGuardz on Twitter @BODYGUARDZ

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