‘Celebrity Sweat’ puts in the work for Monster Products at CES 2017

Billy Blanks Jr & Eric The Trainer talks Monster and new show

Two opposite styles of the fitness world came together for one cause in the hit TV show on A&E called Celebrity Sweat.” If you think about it though, it’s a natural fit for those seeking a total workout package. However, in order to complete the trifecta of success, Hollywood physique expert Eric the Trainer and Tae Bo® creator Billy Blanks, co-stars ofCelebrity Sweat have partnered with Monster Products to help promote their brand of sound systems and the popular cable show.

Billy Blanks and Eric Fleishman (also known as Eric the Trainer) are very well known for their years of commitment in the world of health and fitness, as they have radically different styles and approach to fitness.

Billy Blanks® has built a worldwide reputation as one of the most trusted names in fitness. As a 7-time Martial Arts Champion, creator of Tae Bo® Fitness, actor, humanitarian, husband, and father, Billy Blanks is a man of many talents.

Eric Fleishman began his fitness career as a 98lb. weakling living in rural Maine on a farm. This initiated a lifelong passion with martial arts that would eventually lead him to Hollywood, California. It was also here that Eric pinpointed the science of change through three major components: diet, exercise, and sleep. He has appeared in major magazines and television programs spreading the word on his unique health and fitness methods. Eric has been an instrumental part of some of the highest profile fitness stories of the past decade including Big Time Rush, Ethan Suplee, Kirstie Alley, Michelle Branch, Big John McCarthy, and Rachel Crow.

With all this talent, it’s only fitting (pun intended) Monster Products would be part of this winning combination. They both use sound in their workout classes and private sessions. As different as these icons are in their styles, their preferences for what drives them musically are satisfied by Monster Products. They both agree the partnership was due to a need for more innovation and a common language. “Monster is dedicated to fitness, health and wellness. They have the best sound equipment. You have to be able to hear clearly with a lot of people in the room.

The one piece of sound equipment they feel the consumers should buy is split. Eric the Trainer likes the iSport ear buds. “The gym has lot of moving parts and can be dangerous. iSports stay in the ear and there’s no chance to hook any cords onto a piece of equipment and hurting yourself.” Billy Blanks is more a Blaster guy. ”You can connect your phone to the Blaster and hear the music all over the place.”

Season 3 ofCelebrity Sweat airs January 14 on cable network A&E, and if you travel a lot they’ll be on “Inflight Travel” networks on domestic and national flights. They’ve been shooting all over the world, meeting and working with athletes, singers and actors, so be sure to check them out.

  • Joseph Walker, III


Check them out online at   HTTP://CSWEAT.COM

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