j5create showcases 2 super charger devices at CES 2017

J5 Create

The folks at j5create have done it again with 2 new additions to their long line of chargers and docking solutions. Super chargers and docking stations are nothing new, but j5create specializes in power delivery over USB type-C devices to support upstream charging. With the ability to transform your devices into mobile workstations, you need more output for more devices to upgrade your productivity and these new additions are about to help you achieve your goal.

First out the gate is the jup 50, a 5-port, 40-watt super charger. It 2.4 amp fast charge on all ports means it’s a fast charger. Equipped with surge protection, it goes a step further by including an IC chip so it knows which amperage to put into the device so you don’t blow up anything. Quite simply, the jup 50 adds more output for you to work with more devices at the same time.

The second item is the impressive Mini Docking Station because it has a little bit of everything. An all-in-one unit, it’s adaptable for MacBook or any type-C device. It’s capable of running 1080P video thru VGA, and 4K capabilities to run through HDMI. Also, you can charge your laptop or other device while using the Mini Docking Station. It’s pass through ready and remembers how you set it up.

These items and other j5create products are premium quality without the premium price. Starting at $29.99 to $109.99, affordability is not a concern, much less an option. They work out the box and customer service is based in the U.S. When it comes to speed, reliability and ease of use, the jup 50 and the Mini Docking Station from j5create is something you need to invest in.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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