Number 22 and counting for Rick Ross new Wing Stop restaurant

Rapper Rick Ross opens up his 22nd Wing Stop which makes it 1000 for the company

The Boss Rick Ross opened another Wing Stop restaurant in Dekalb County. Why is that significant? Because, if you know the Boss, you know he does it big and this being the 22nd restaurant means it’s just a start for him and his team.

As with most restaurants anywhere, the grand opening is essential for people to come out to meet-and-greet … and perhaps get some free food. However, it was a chance for politics and music to come head-to-head to show support for the community. In attendance was president of Wing Stop Charlie Morrison, DeKalb County Commissioner Larry Johnson (District 3), Atlanta City Council member Kwanza Hall (District 2), and Congressional Representative Hank Johnson (District 4).

We want economic development throughout DeKalb & the 4th district. This is the 1000th franchise to open in the county, which is significant because it signifies a length of time that is infinite.”

Charlie Morrison, also hailed by Ross as his business partner and mentor, expanded on what the 22nd Wing Stop restaurant meant. “This is the 1,000th restaurant to open worldwide and we’re just getting going. It’s an opportunity to open 2500 in the U.S. alone, and now we’re in 5-countries. That demonstrates the kind of growth the brand has had in the past and the future ahead of us.

It was a day that meant a lot to Ross and he didn’t overlook 2-essential members of his “Boss Wings” team: mom and sister. In a rare moment by himself, he shared some things about his business venture that got him to this point.

It’s bigger than me. What I want youngsters and the community to see is that we are successful and building something with our families. Sometimes when you look for the right type of support it’s right next to you.” Further, “this is a great example of building an empire with the family, the team – just showing youngsters from our culture that you can partner up with brands. There’s no brand that’s too big for u. There’s not a brand that you can’t sit down with and make sense with as far as what you’re bringing to the table and discussing. That’s what this is about.

And the Boss is always thinking big, like having his Wing Stop in the Atlanta airport.

That’s a game changer, it would be revolutionary. You can get what you want in the Atl, so why not my wings?”

But business is business, and it doesn’t stop for Ross. On opening day the last Thursday of January 2017, he dropped a new song and video. He’ll have a new album out this summer, so stay tuned.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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Feelings about Donald Trump

Rick Ross is the Boss and he has something to say about the new leader of the free world.

Now it’s about us moving forward and handling our business. Whatever you’re supposed to do, let’s move forward. Don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. That’s how I personally feel. If anything, it should motivate you to go even harder, network even closer, and support your brother even more.”

What ways can we do that?

Just complaining ain’t gonna do nothing for you.It is what it is. So what’s the next play, what’s the next move? Remain vocal but make sure you put your actions in play. There’s been enough talking.”

The Boss has spoken!

  • Joseph Walker, III


Follow Rick Ross on Twitter  @RICKYROZAY

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