Rick Ross becomes hair care industry mogul featuring men’s products

Rich Hair care

Let’s start with the numbers. Overall, the hair care industry in America is big business and the African-American hair care industry is projected to bring in $761 million in 2017 according to market research firm Mintel. That’s not counting weaves, extensions, wigs independent beauty supply stores, e-commerce, styling tools and other associated items. If included, that figure jumps to over half a trillion – $500 billion – which is double Greece’s GDP. Equally overlooked but fast approaching, is the men’s grooming industry. In 2016 it jumped 300-percent, bringing in and estimated $21 billion in revenue.

So, when “The Boss” Rick Ross gets involved, things not only change but it’s a sure bet the industry’s revenue scheme will be affected. This brought him to partner with French-based RICH Hair Care products. This just elevated everyone’s game with this initial venture in a luxury line of men’s grooming and healthy facial hair products which include wash-and-care, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream and body wash.

Speaking to RICH Hair Care co-founder Will Kurik, he describes the new products as “making luxury affordable. For a very affordable price, you get top-notch quality.” With a wide range of styling products for all types of hair, they want to make a presence, which made sense to partner with Ross. Not that the business didn’t have challenges, but it made it easier to achieve their goal. The plan is once people try and get to know RICH Hair Care products; they’re going to come back for more.

It’s about being the best, using the best, bringing out the best. Once you use it you’re gonna say ‘Boss.’”

  • Joseph Walker, III


Get to know RICH Hair Products luxury line of grooming products at  WWW. RICHHAIRCARE.COM

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