‘The Last Time’ new movie targets domestic violence awareness

The Last Time tackles domestic violence


There’s too much violence in the world, and it’s amazing that domestic violence and abuse is still prevalent in our society. This is a good reason and perfect timing for The Last Time, a new film about this subject.

The film stars Reece Odum, Tiffany Hill, Wardell Richardson, Charmin Lee, DeEtta WestDilyara, Angelo Diaz and Tommy Ford. Sadly, this was the final role for Mr. Ford, who died after the film’s completion but stressed to his other cast members how important the subject matter was. In speaking with the cast members, they all were on the same page about their feelings about this ongoing problem that affects all of us. They were ready to start the conversation.

The Last Time is a powerful film overall, and will make you want to take action. Because the subject matter needs awareness, it’s surprising how many people suffer in silence but there are survivors.  Considering the seriousness of a heavy subject, there are some light, comedic moments that don’t diminish the weight of the film; The Last Time creates a platform that needs to be focused on. It hopes to encourage people to talk about domestic violence/abuse since the affect is universal. At times it’s a secret to live with and other times its public because the consensus is that hurt people hurt people. However, the abuser is emboldened and allowed to do what they want because the abused deny it ever happens to them for many reasons. Either they don’t want people in their business, it’s about their pride, getting caught up in material things that they might lose if they report the abuser, or they feel they can’t do any better because the abuser loves them. For whatever wrong reason they believe, the film wants the viewer to know there is life after abuse but you have to speak up about what’s going on. All agree it’s about awareness and conversation in order to start the healing process and love yourself.

There is life after domestic abuse if you make the decision to get up and get out and to say this is the last time, baby.”

The filmmakers plan to take The Last Time on the film festival circuit, giving it another platform to get it to networks and any other online versions that you can distribute to. The objective is to get to as many people as possible because the more people you reach is the more people can be saved.

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  • Joseph Walker, III
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