News reporter Aungelique Proctor is humbled as recipient of 7th Annual Legendary Awards

Awards ceremonies can be an awesome experience, especially when you are the recipient. To be on the receiving end of being recognized for your passion and cumulative work is not to be taken lightly, so it then becomes a humbling experience when that call comes. When the Legendary Awards call came to Ms. Aungelique Proctor, she was both shocked and humbled.

After 22-years as a television news reporter for Fox-5 News, she knows the importance of recognition for a job well done. Since this has been her passion throughout her career, it shows in her work how she is able to tell the stories of events and people – both good and bad – by making them human. She has moments when it becomes overwhelming to the point she has shed tears. However; as a true professional who knows her job but isn’t afraid to learn new things, the Legendary Awards in Media is especially notable due to her contributions towards making her industry relevant.

Her broadcasting career first started on a program called ‘The Lawmakers” on Georgia Public Television. She has been an active member of the media for many years prior to joining Fox-5 News in 1994, both in front of and behind the camera, including radio. Stints in Jacksonville, Fl, Cincinnati, Oh, Macon and Albany Ga. contributed to making her versatile. Those experiences also allowed Angelique to fill other positions such as News Director and anchor in those markets. No stranger to honors, she has already won three Emmy’s, an Associated Press Best Newscast and a National Association of Black Journalist award.

Angelique not only covers community and local stories, but she has reported on national stories such as the Istanbul, Turkey earthquake, Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and probably her most memorable The Million Man March in Washington, DC.

It was underestimated the magnitude of it by the mainstream media. I’d never seen anything like it. The peace that all of the men had in the streets of Washington, DC is something I will never forget.”

With all this going on in her professional life, you would think that her life ends there. Actually, the married mother of three girls allows her to be more involved personally in real-life changing activities. A graduate of the Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, she is a past officer of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists as well as a member of The Links Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. and the Chums Inc.

Her motivation is simple: “Seeing other people who are doing great jobs, believe in yourself with whatever I have going on, because I can be just as good as the next person.” To ensure this is achieved, she counts Oprah Winfrey and Monica Pearson (Kaufman) as mentors, so she has inspiration to guide her.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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