Atlanta Mayoral race is noteworthy for candidates and issues

It’s coming down to the wire and it’s time to make a decision. The 2018 Atlanta Mayoral race is not only crowded with 11-candidates, but the issues are as diverse and timely as the day is long.

By now, you heard the stories, read the headlines and probably lived through the most vibrant and often times contentious 7-years under Kasim Reed. There have been the good and bad gains and controversies such as Atlanta’s LGBT community gay marriage issues, transportation investment tax, signs marijuana legislation, a boon for downtown development, the Black Lives Matter protest near the Downtown Connector Black lives matter, and even an odd stance on Donald Trump. All this was and more was part of his making the city more equitable under his watch.

Now, the test to either carry on this administrations work or forge a new vision is in the hands of those candidates as they vie for the power that is going to be a historical milestone of which the likes have not been as important to the quality of life since the 20th century civil rights era. However, it’s more of what will Atlanta look like in the 21st century, so the following candidates we interviewed tell us just what they have to offer.

  • Joseph Walker, III



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