Comedian Pierre updates on all things Pierre

If you’ve been doing comedy for 30-plus years, you have a lot to say. Pierre is one of those comedians who can show longevity and the work qualifies him as royalty. He’s worked with most of the top names from Martin Lawrence to Kevin Hart, to Halle Berry, Robert Townsend and D.L. Hughley.

Being a Renaissance Man just sweetens the pot because his talent and drive goes beyond the comedy stage. He truly loves comedy and making people laugh since his high school days while growing up in Maryland. It was either inevitable or fate that he would be seen on Def Comedy Jam which counts as his debut as a paid professional.

His track reach in entertainment reaches into television, movies and now the literary world. Even though he had already been writing and producing, adding author to his credit was timely now with the release of his new book “My 100 Homies & Phonies of Hollywood.” It’s just a slightly different and funny collection of his journey as he started in Hollywood and his career as a comedian.

Pierre seems to find the slightest edge to elevate his game without watering down or filtering his unique brand of humor. He is poised to continue another 30-plus years, keeping us alive and laughing throughout.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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