Atl Bomb Squad Blowing Up Atlanta One Dance Move at a Time

Atlanta, They Are Here! The city has their own dance squad that is representing the way competition dance is done today. Well, actually the Atl Bomb Squad has been around since the early 2000’s. This lively group of young African-American women of all sizes and age is the brainchild of founder Coach Nathan Dotson, and he truly believes in them as much as they believe in themselves. There’s something to be said when their call to arms is “Go Hard or Go Home.” Still, their bottom-line belief in their talent is they are a dance production legacy that keeps an image to uphold. Whether it’s a dance battle, competition, whatever their about it. Look for them to pop-up in places like the Hip Hop Legends Concert, Mansion Elan, Underground Dance Battle (ATL), Club Chit Chat, Westlake High School, Club Fusion, even on the road to Alabama. No holding back, they bring everything. Recently, the Atlanta Bomb Squad had the opportunity to compete in and win 1st prize at the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show dance competition in the city. No words to describe their winning spirit shown in this ,competition, so just check out the video of the event.

  • Joseph Walker, III

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