Lululemon and Organized Noize Partner Together for Atlanta Leg of ‘Beats Per Moment’ Tour

It seems like an odd pairing between beloved Organized Noize and activewear brand Lululemon. On one hand, the hip hop/R&B production team from Atlanta, Georgia composed of Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown are responsible for some of the most popular and iconic musicians and music coming out the “Dirty South.” On the other hand, Vancouver, Canada-based Lululemon athletica is a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits. So, what’s the significance or why the hook-up? Look closely at why they seemed joined at the hip.

There’s a number of athletes and musicians from various genres that Lululemon is partnering with to promote the benefits of the practice of yoga. Some consider it a way of life and a style of living. It’s not about the practice resulting in agility and control exercises but for musicians, it’s the benefits of breath control, particularly rap and hip-hop artists. Breath control doesn’t just come naturally. It’s something rappers make a point to work at and perfect.

Without getting mired in too much history, the importance of breth control in rap and hip-hop goes back to the mid-80’s with the rise of innovative artists such as Kool Mo Dee, KRS-1 and tht Treacherous Three to name a few. Travel to today and the most important thing in this genre is still breath control because rap and hip-hop is about the live performance. While some artists want to “fix it in the mix,” they quickly live-or-die by their ability to produce the same performance live, trying not to choke.

So, in a performance at the Buckhead Theater headlined by the Organized Noize pioneers, you also got a chance to see other luminaries of lyrics as C-Lo Green, Big Boi, TMoGoodie, Goodie Mob and others. As far as milestones go, this was truly a rare moment when stars collaborate to show appreciation fro each other and their fans. No shade, no hate, no egos were on display that night. Just pure good-ole dirty-South music from the heart as only Organized Noize can bring.


  • Joseph Walker, III
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