Take Time to Explore and Embrace the Pura Soul Cigar Experience

Cigars: if you don’t smoke one, you either know someone who does or seen it somewhere in your travels. It’s a universal symbol of status and power, or a non-smoker’s enemy. More than a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves, and made to be smoked, the origins of cigar smoking are still unknown. They are produced in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, creating many cigar lounges throughout America and the world. One such place here in Atlanta is Pura Soul Cigar Lounge, owned by musician and cigar virtuoso Robert Wright @PURASOULCIGARS.

Robert has been a professional in the cigar trade for over 30-years, representing Swisher Int’l, Inter Continental Cigar Co., Camacho and Davidoff, and playing saxophone for more than 40-years. The culmination and collaboration is not unusual as music has te ability to transcend many barriers but it is especially important in the cigar culture. Both have played parts in revolutions in society and both have been crucial in changing those cultures for better or worse. However, when you talk to Robert about the art of cigar enjoyment rather than smoking, he is as passionate about educating someone as he is performing, although it’s hard to tell which he is more talented at.

The night we visited his lounge, we met up with rappers Big Gipp @GIPPGOODIE and Bonecrusher @THEBONECRUSHER, enjoying their favorite brands.

The cigar culture and where we are in life means we need to learn how to do different things in life and this is one of other things – a cigar.”

Yet, it’s all about where you fit in and feel comfortable at.

Pura Soul is about infusing life, music, flavors, sound, the essence and etiquette of smoking cigars.”

Even the tools-of-the-trade are essential to enhance the beauty and taste of a cigar. Robert explains about a cutter.

Different cutters give different smoking experience because it’s result is done with precision.

Still, Pura Soul is about promoting the healthy and deserved lifestyle for his clientele, which is made up of men and women. This is not unusual that women also patronize the spot because they have also gone a long way in promoting the image of cigar smoking for everybody.

After a good meal, a good cigar will mellow you out.”

So, for a complete cigar-smoking experience, Pura Soul is there for you. Drop in not just for the ambiance and atmosphere, but Robert and his and also perform to make the night complete.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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