Mimi Faust Responds To Feedback On Scientology and Ty Young Talks About Off-Season

Mimi Faust is a woman of many talents with determination and conviction helping to fuel her passions. Such as appearing on the reality show “Love & Hip-Hop ATL.” Or her involvement with the “Spreading Ambition” organization that reaches out to the homeless women and children of Atlanta. And her dabbling and skills with interior design. However, as the thirsty fans who follow Mimi, they’re aware of her love relationships such as Stevie J. and most recently WNBA player Ty Young. With all this going on, you’d think nothing else could be controversial in her life, but there are always exceptions. This time, it’s her involvement with Scientology.

Some call Scientology a religion, others call it a cult. The Wikipedia defines the movement as is “a body of religious beliefs and practices developed in 1954 by American author L. Ron Hubbard.”   Its members are numerous and some of it’s more visible members are in the entertainment business. What’s not known are many things but it became notorious for its cult-like philosophies and practices. This article is not about the workings of Scientology, but it is about how Mimi Faust in 1994 opened up to the public that her mother became involved with the movement, and brought her youngest daughter along with her.

Still, this is not to detail what has been well a well-documented account of what Mimi Faust did to rise up from what could have been a self-deprecating and crippling experience she was able to escape. Although it was a shocking revelation as recent as now, Mimi appears to have left that life for a long period of time. As for her fans reaction to her story of Scientology?

The feedback has been 98% positive about what I have gone through,” she candidly responds.

Ty Young, Atlanta Dream Forward, hasn’t reached those heights of notoriety or scandal that Mimi has but she just continues to maintain a chill but productive aura. In her off-season, Ty is interning at the 4-11 Foundation working with kids and youth around the city. She’s also building a clothing line and working out, playing basketball.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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