Mimi Faust, Ty Young and Atlanta Influencers Are About ‘Spreading Ambition’

Charity and philanthropy are a yearly endeavor but it becomes especially important and crucial during the holiday seasons. This past Thanksgiving, it was evident when Mimi Faust, Ty Young and other Atlanta influencers came out to support the “Spreading Ambition” for the Atlanta Children’s Shelter event at Universal Salons Salon Suites in the heart of Atlanta.

Although the face of the organization is reality television personality and businesswoman Mimi-Faust @MIMIFAUST and Atlanta Dream basketball player Ty Young @TYYOUNG11, other Atlanta influencers were on hand to show their support. Faces in the crowd included John Wilkins  @JOHNWILKINS21 and wife Rhonda Wilkins  @DIVASUNLIMITED, Natalie Fikes  @NATALIEFIKES, Ayisha Wilkins  @AYISHAWILKINS  and Kore Stacks  @KORESTACKS. The message in this support is not wasted on the cause of homelessness when it comes to its affect, especially on women and children.

“‘The Spreading Ambition’ event(this year) is benefiting the Atlanta Children Shelter. 100 Atlanta mothers and their children because it’s not just about food but also other donations [toiletries, clothing, etc]. The homeless population also needs to be focused on to make their lives a little better during the holiday seasons … it’s all about the Blessings shown and given by those who have.”

Though we’ve heard these words before, these are the people who actually are about it, that want and do help others in need.

“It’s not about money or monetary things. You don’t have to give money, you can give your time. It’s something you can always give back for people in need.” 

Truer words were spoken before but Atlanta still has a homeless population that will continue to be a part of the nucleus of Atlanta. The reality of life is as a problem, it is not going away overnight but through other individuals and organizations such as the Spreading Ambition initiative, the solution can become tolerable. You don’t have to be an influencer but just as civilian there’s more of an impact.

“If you can and you’re able, give back. It might be a situation at some point in life where you might need something. I always try to give back (because) you never know when someone else might be in need and can really appreciate it. “

Most Atlanta residents are a paycheck away from being in the same situation of needing help to not only maintain, but get back to their own sense of normalcy. Affect and make a change however you can and the “Spreading Ambition” organization is a great start.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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