It’s Christmas Wish List Time at the 34th Annual Mayor’s Masked Ball for 2018

The difference between a wish-list and a resolution? It’s what you want to happen (wish list) as opposed what will not happen (resolution). With that in mind, we wanted to have a little fun and asked some of the Who’s Who of Atlanta at the 34th Annual Mayor’s Masked Ball what was on their Christmas wish list. The answers ranged from fun to practical to spiritual.

“Peace and prosperity to all. Praying for black men in America, and for African-Americans in general so we can grow and prosper even in the age of Trump. Winter has arrived but if we continue to focus and be faithful and continue to work hard we shall overcome Donald Trump and his very regressive administrative policies.”

“That my son gets into college.”

“A vacuum to get up crumbs left behind by her children that get stuck in the crevices. I use my fingernails, which are quite lovely as a crumb scraper, but I need a vacuum.”

“All the children get along and be sweet to their mom. Good health and family in 2018.”

“I’m hoping for an impeachment for this year. My wish list is always the same: I’m wishing people nothing but peace and love. If I can just get peace and love in my household and in other households, I’m good.”

“Some new socks. I like socks.”

“I’m just hoping for peace. Peace is the ultimate success when your happy and all the kids are out of the house. They’re starting to soar on their own and I’m very excited about the next generation. We’re extending the ladder down for somebody else who needs an opportunity.”

The sentiments are filled with hope, especially when it comes to family and the next generation. Above everything else, the general consensus of the participants was that everybody in, around and outside Atlanta be safe, happy and prosperous.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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