Young Dro Teams Up with Microsoft to Give Away Xbox One & ‘Day 3’ Mixtape

Holidays are about sharing and giving. That’s why this past Christmas season was about the association between Atlanta rapper Young Dro and computer software giant Microsoft. Both have staying power and took the opportunity to give back to fans and customers alike at the Microsoft store in Lenox Mall.

So what better way than to give away free “Day 3” mixtapes and Xbox One gaming consoles.

“I was asked to partner with Microsoft because I’m a gamer at heart and given the timing, I jumped at the opportunity”

The Bankhead neighborhood resident, with hits like “Shoulder Lean,” “I Got That,” and “Best Thang Smokin’” was at the meet and greet to hand out copies of his latest mixtape entitled “Day 3,” while Microsoft gave away a few Xbox One game console which were autographed by the Young Dro himself.

As he tells it, “Day 3” is the latest update of his music that started with the “Day 1” mixtape in 2007. Young Dro believes his music is evolving, and coming about in a different age of music. But he’s rolling with the times and plans on dropping a new mixtape annually. As of this interview, the new product already has 100,000 downloads. It will also be available in stores in 2018.

The event was hosted by Romeo International @ROMEOINTERNATIONAL1, and the lucky recipients of both the Xbox One and “Day 3” mixtape left the audience ready to celebrate the holiday season.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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