‘Party At The Playoff’ Event for Alabama vs. Georgia Game Draws ESPN Personalities, NFL Players and Celebrities

The game went down in history as one of the most contentious, competitive and combative as far as college rivalries go. Alabama vs. Georgia. Crimson Tide vs. Dawgs. By now, the game has been written into the history of football but it was intriguing to know some of the opinions of various ESPN personalities, NFL players, & celebrities who attended the pre-game “All-State Party at The Playoff” event in Atlanta. With attendees on the blue carpet including Gene Chizik @COACHGENECHIZIK, Ardarius Stewart @ARDARIUS_ALA_STEWART, Robin Meade @ROBINMEADE, JB Smoove @OHSNAPJBSMOOVE, Blake Sims @_BSIMSG, and Isaiah McKenzie @ZEE_THOVEN, they all were strong in the believing their team winners because in the end, it’s the honor to be the National Championship winner for the NCAA both teams were fighting for.

  • Joseph Walker, III


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