CES 2018 Benjilock Provides Added Security Featuring Fingerprint Technology


There’s nothing new or sexy about locks, and they’re straight-forward in what they do. Now there’s Benjilock, the world’s first rechargeable lock with fingerprint technology and they are about to change the industry that has not upgraded or updated in over 2000 years.

It’s not enough to have a great idea, you need to have logistics and expert skill and actually executing the business plan.”

This is hybrid security at its finest considering there has never been a design like this and has everyday practicality in wat it can do for you. Security is not a buzzword and the proof it’s the wave of the future is that it recently was picked up by Kevin O’Leary @KEVINOLEARYTV of “Shark Tank” fame. This has led to a partnership with Kim Kelly @HAMPTONPRODUCTS of Hampton Products, the leaders in the manufacturer and distributor of door locks, padlocks and other similar products.

It’s a great idea but it’s not real until you can ship it.

Robbie Cabral @BENJILOCK, inventor of the Benjilock, is a study in the power of positivity and persistence. The latest development associations came within the last year as we reported on the company at CES 2017. If one believes in themselves, they have even more confidence in what they have to offer the public. It’s a great idea, considering it’s the first real design since the invention of the key literally in over 2000 years.

Fingerprint technology and traditional key access and needs to be reliable and secure,” says Robbie.

With this in mind, Benjilock mini won the 2018 CES Innovation Award and the lock is available this summer worldwide. However, it is being featured on Amazon as of this report.

For more information, go to https://benjilock.com/

  • Joseph Walker, III



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