CES 2018 Debuts Sky Valet Luggage As World’s First Smart Luggage That Travels With You

Traveling is an opportunity of luxury or necessity, so there is a common denominator in both categories: luggage. Therefore, in this ever-advancing technical world we’re living in, it’s only timely that Sky Valet Luggage enters the equation with the world’s first airline & TSA compliant smart luggage with a removable battery, Shark Wheel® technology, magnetic opening, and a dedicated mobile application.

According to Sky Valet Luggage co-owner Eric Goldner @SKYVALETLUGGAGE, there are other practical and valuable features that makes this the right accessory for your journey.

Shark Wheels: Curved “s-shaped” wheels allow you to pass over debris on any terrain and maintain a smoother roll.

Wireless Charging: Free up USB ports with a built-in wireless charging doc for the next generation of smartphones.

Magnetic Front Pocket: Sky Valet features a patent pending front pocket that opens with one touch to access your essentials.

Also with Sky Valet, you can lock and unlock your bag through your smartphone which means no more remembering those combination locks. It’s TSA approved so there’s never a problem with just getting to and through the airport. The wireless charger can be recharged overnight through a removable power bank

“Travel will never end – it’s always changing and it’s always fun.”

Pricing starts at $350 USD on Kickstarter which will be available in another month, $600 when it becomes available on market later this year.

  • Joseph Walker, III




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