Rocking Bed Wants You to Sleep Like a Baby Again in CES 2018 Exclusive


If all the smart technology has got you exhausted and in need of old-fashioned sleep, here’s a new bed that will certainly do the trick. Rocking Bed is new adult furniture designed to do just that: rock you to sleep as if you were a baby.

Think about it: we’ve all been rocked to sleep as a child.”

Mark Russell @ROCKINGBED owner, founder, and creator says the Rocking Bed is still in the prototype version but scheduled to be available through Indiegogo crowdfunding. It’s designed to be fitted with your existing bed to provide the ability to create a gentle rocking motion while you sleep. With no frills or unwanted extras, it features necessary components needed to provide the rocking motion that has been scientifically proven to give good, quality sleep.

There’s no need to go and buy a new bed frame or mattress for the Rocking Bed. It consists of a simple tubular steel frame fitted with an ultra-quiet motor. When it is powered on, the motor will cause the steel frame to gently sway back and forth, creating a seamless motion similar to that provided by baby cribs and bassinets.

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  • Joseph Walker, III
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