Upgrade Your Home With Veiu Smart Video Doorbell and Elf Smart Plug Showcased at CES 2018

Meet the smart doorbell Veiu & smart plug Elf


With ever evolving appliances that make your home more technologically functional, Eques @EQUES.INC introduces 2 new instruments that upgrade your humble abode without breaking the bank: Veiu Smart Video Doorbell and Elf Smart Plug.

Both children and senior friendly, the Veiu Smart Video Doorbell means no more looking through door peepholes. It records visitors in pictures and videos with or without a smartphone and has 2-way audio in order to speak with visitors or intruders at your door. With Android & iOS app capability, users are able to talk to visitors even when not at home. The unit also has night vision, a wide-angle lens, motion detector and a rechargeable battery and takes less than 5-minutes to install.

The Elf Smart Plug is a simple item that plugs into the electrical outlet of your home. You control all your appliances anywhere through your smartphone with its free app. Think about those cold nights or mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed. Connect elf with Amazon Echo or Google Home and you can control your plugged-in lights, devices and appliances from the warm comfort of your bed.

Price point on the Veiu Smart Doorbell is $249.00 and the Elf Smart Plug is $25.00. Both are available at Walmart, Amazon and the Eques website www.equeshome.com

  • Joseph Walker
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