808 Audio Has the Right Smart Speaker Solution at the Right Price at CES 2018

Bluetooth speakers now have voice assistant Alexa



There’s no shortage of smart technology-driven audio devices and speakers. However, very few are on the cutting edge or offer affordable prices until now. 808Audio Smart Speakers @808AUDIO has actually been on the market for a while and now they’re offering new alternatives that are not only cutting-edge but also affordable home and portable speakers. With prices ranging from $60 through $160, there are four smart technology choices for the consumer to choose from.

In the home arena, it’s Alexa XL-V at $129.00 and XS priced at $60.00. Both are portable units that offer multi-room capabilities, and anything you can do with Alexa you can do with the 808Audio Smart Speakers. They are 2nd generation, voice-enabled speakers that offer more than imagined. What sets them apart is the XL-V units can be programmed with up to 100-skills that allow you to call-out commands such as play music, turn on lights and other home functions. It also connects to cloud-based voice services, and allows Bluetooth availability so you can call out the song you want through your smart phone. The XS version is slightly smaller with less features but is wireless and offers Bluetooth availability.

In the portable arena, check out the HEX-SL at $75.00 and HEX-TL at $80.00. Both have Google & Siri capabilities enabling Bluetooth connection on your phone so you can call out those commands that will be played through the speakers, making it truly a hands-free experience.

All units are available online or at Best Buy, Target and Walmart.

For more information visit their website www.808audio.com

  • Joseph Walker, III
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