For Car Owners, Raven Is Future of Automobile Security and Safety at CES 2018

The automobile is your second important purchase but is the least monitored. Very few car owners can tell what is happening with their vehicle at this moment in time. Would you know if your car was being broken into right now? With Raven @RAVENCONNECTED, you can know minute-by-minute what your vehicle is doing right now. This company has come up with the device that not only monitors your car inside and out, but offers 5-different products in one. Sounds too good to be true? Perhaps not due to smart technology, the Raven will allow you to connect with your vehicle in previously unavailable ways.

Dan Crawford, inventor of the Raven device, wants you to stay connected with your car through the next horizon in connectivity. With that in mind the Raven is part dash cam, part security system, part obd dongle, part dashboard, part GPS. It even offers cellular connectivity and a dedicated power supply. So even when you’re parked, Raven is running. With a 2-camera view; if somebody damages your car, you’ll get an alert of a real-time view of your car goes to your phone.

Raven’s app gives you access to live views and information about your vehicle. Whether parked or being driven by a loved one, you’ll always know what’s going on. With built-in 4G LTE, you’ll always have a connection to your vehicle, and your loved ones. It also gives you on-board diagnostics (obd) so you can monitor any engine problems and fuel level. This is a great tool in order to monitor teenage drivers, daily commuters, family drivers, aging drivers, new drivers and ride-share drivers.

There are so many other features to detail here but that’s the point. Other than our phones and housing, the car is essential in our lives. The price point up to March is $269.00, on the market in April will be $299.00

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  • Joseph Walker, III
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