Ausweis Makes Locks a Thing of The Past at CES 2018


Some of the popular devices, inventions and breakthroughs in smart technology at CES 2018 has been about security. It’s no coincidence or mistake because the world is less secure. Therefore, devices and apps have popped up in all forms to alleviate if not eliminate our need for security. So, let me introduce you to Ausweis @AUSWEIS.IO, a smart controller that connects to any electromagnetic door using Wi-Fi that allows the user to control access to any door, even garage doors.

Ausweis is an odd name but in reality, the English definition is a piece of documentation (think passport), designed to prove the identity of the person carrying it. It is only used in Germany. So, this Swiss-based company has developed the app-based device to unlock the world. It allows the user to unlock doors remotely; store, create, and revoke keys immediately; share unlimited or scheduled access; view users’ activity 24/7; get instant alarm notifications. It’s completely safe and is reliably protected with the best certified encryption protocols. Even if your Internet or Wi-Fi is down, the device opens door even in the absence of the Internet-connection.

The retail price for Ausweis is $149.00. For more information, go to

  • Joseph Walker
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