Rockstone Audio New Speakers Designed for Mobility at CES 2018

Rockstone Audio @ROCKSTONE_AUDIO has come up with some nifty yet functional ways to listen to your music on the go while giving you complete access to your phone. The designs come in the form of head gear (beanies and sweatbands), a 360-degree car mount and true wireless Bluetooth speakers.

The Rockstone Audio ORBIT True Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are a left and right stereo sound comfortable listening experience that comes with a docking station. Fully chargeable with a micro-USB port, the battery fully charged lasts 4-hours. Since they are detachable, you can place them anywhere such as different apartment rooms, condos, or your garage. The ultra-loud 3W speaker is protected by a heavy-duty aluminum body and has dual microphones in the speakers so you’ll never miss a call when your phone is out of reach, allowing you to receive calls from the speaker itself. The price point is $69.99

Rockstone Audio has designed beanies and sweatbands that allow you to listen to music and use your phone while working out, or just walking around. All models have speakers in both ears, and you can change the volume and song, answer your phone at the same time. No more missed calls. They charge on micro-USB and are washable just by removing the speakers. Price point is $45-50 depending upon the model.

Rockstone Audio rounds out their selections and solutions with a 360-degree magnetic car mount that comes with a micro-USB phone charger. Put it anywhere in your car to mount your phone. It becomes magnetized so you can position it anywhere 360-degrees. The price point on the 5-piece car mount is $79.99.

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  • Joseph Walker, III
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