Case X Case Is Cellphone Solution For Your Action Activities at CES 2018

Cell phone case that you can do all your action activities with

Sometimes the simplest solutions come out of nowhere, but are designed to change lives through its innovation and implementation. That’s why Case By Case (CaseXCase) @PHONECASEXCASE became a CES 2018 innovation award winner without a single electronic built in because it’s all in the mechanics. For this company, it’s all about that case.

Attaching accessories is intuitive and effortless.”

Founder Ty Aloe, an 8-time vet of Iraq & Afghanistan came up with the idea at the end of his tour and saw it as something that’s needed. Accordingly, they have come up with a wide variety of cases that are about protection (screen protector, slim bumper, buoyant bumper), accessories (folio wallet, battery, card holder), and mounts (GoPro Compatible, versatile handlebar mount, arm band). Each are versatile that allow swapping out different features from wallet to charging case. They basic cases come with a kickstand but are low-profile. Even though this is a standard feature, what’s not standard is the cases not only have strong magnets but have tension locks for added security. This includes the GoPro helmet attachment.

The Case By Case are in the Indiegogo and Kickstarter phase but will be available for iPhone 6 series to present, Samsung 8 and beyond and Google Pixel. There are plans to branch off into every phone model possible and available. Finally, all the accessories stay relevant: the next time you buy a phone case, you won’t have to buy a new bike mount or armband.

Preproduction prices in this crowdfunding stage is $89.99.

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  • Joseph Walker, III
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