Comedian JB Smoove Talks Comedy, Lavar Ball and His Greatness Drive

Comedy is healing. We’re the next wave after the real news.”

We caught up to one of the busiest men in comedy JB Smoove @OHSNAPJBSMOOVE where he shared his thoughts on some things on his mind.

Although you’ve seen him on the big and small screen and you always crack up at his ability to make us laugh, what we don’t realize comedy was his calling. When asked what drew him to comedy, he shares it’s about wanting to see people have a good time. It’s the one thing he can do that changes, evolving constantly what’s going on in the world.

JB also talked about Lavar Ball and how he’s changing the basketball game. Humbly stating that he’s never the one to tell people how to drive their own vehicle. Rather taking the position that Lavar may be a good driver or a bad driver. We just don’t know yet. JB feels what he’s doing is unprecedented, taking the position that Lavar is taking the helm and he won’t be the last to do for his family.

Considering his ability and natural talent to entertain, he does become philosophical when he speaks about power and control.

“There’s power in the word ‘No,’ and control in the word ‘Yes.’”

JB Smoove: one funny and philosophical man.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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