Bronner Brothers Hair Show 2018 Has New Opportunities and Plans for The Next Generation

James Bronner

It’s hard to believe the 2018 Bronner Brothers Hair Show has been around 71-years. That’s the news from James Bronner @IAMJAMESBRONNER, Senior Vice President, Trade Show Operations. He should know, as this family legacy has produced some of the most iconic and unique African-American hair shows in America. He’s been doing his job for the last 3-years.

With the show running in the background, he discussed the upcoming opportunities that stress, pinpoint and designed to prep the next generation of professionals in the industry. Opportunities such as shadowing each part of the show in order to see what is going on and how it gets done. Teams charged with responsibilities range from teams in charge of gift bags, accounting, registration, social media, etc. Generally doing different parts of the show production. There are also 6-beauty school participants competing for $5k in competitions.

James details that all the coming opportunities are designed to prep the next generation to take over, just like his generation was prepared. These are lessons and experiences you don’t get from reading books and going to school.

When asked what was most exciting in the last year with the show, he smiled when he referenced the nationwide television exposure of the hair battles.

If you think the Bronner Brothers Hari Show as an annual event isd a big deal, you are absolutely correct. It takes 5-months to pre for one show, then take a month to relax, and it’s back at it again.

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  • Joseph Walker, III
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