Headkrack Keeps It Real on Lavar Ball Controversy


Headkrack @HEADKRACK is not known for mincing words, and if you want a real opinion, he’s your man. When we asked him about the controversy surrounding the Lavar Ball basketball controversy that’s always in the news, he wasn’t shy. However, keeping it real kept his viewpoint honest and relevant.

The Bronx, NY native who does a daily stint on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, relayed that as a business man people may not like how the patriarch of the family goes about putting his business skills on display, but you can’t hate the hustle. Lavar is making his own road to success, whether it’s shoes or the game. He knows what his family worth is about on today’s market and wants to get the most he can, while he can. The difference now is lavar is doing it on TV and they’re (competition) is doing it behind the scenes. So Headkrack does respect what Lavar is doing.

The new basketball league Lavar is cultivating for youths just out of high school is another matter. Headkrack believes there is room for something like this because there’s a large population of kids who won’t go to college, therefor benefitting from tis new league. Even those who do go on to higher education are not guaranteed to go on to play professional ball. The system in place now seems to benefit those colleges and universities who use their likeness, image, sell your jersey, and just don’t get paid for their performance other than the promise of an education. However, it’s these same institutions who benefit in the long run from the football and basketball franchises. In a nutshell, Headkrack says if a kid has the opportunity to benefit from Lavar’s basketball league, go for it since college isn’t for everybody.

That’s real talk.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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