New Artist Niyah is Princess of the Southside With New Track ‘Hit Em’

It’s not only hard to be a new music artist in America, but it becomes doubly hard when the reins of greatness are passed on. In this case, Niyah is receiving those talents from her mother Tamika Scott @THEREALTAMIKASCOTT of R&B music group Xscape.

With magnificent shoes to fill in this industry, Niyah conveys that she actually prepared herself from age two and writing her first song at age four. It probably was inevitable that the fruits of the mother are passed to the child. But Niyah considers herself a cut above the rest. She describes a wild side that makes her unpredictable and the listener can hear her personality in the music. As she writes her own lyrics, she admires other more contemporary lyricists such as “J.R.” from the rap game. Then there are her inspirations such as Drake, P&B Rock and Nicki. This is not to say her mother’s not included on the short list and does admire those achievements and success from Atlanta’s premier music legends. However, when pressed about a collaboration, Niyah looks forward to this as long as mama sings, not raps.

Which brings us to her newest single “Hit “EM” which will be available in March. Her first commercially available single is the result of the culmination of talent as a triple-threat rapper/lyricist/actress she’s emerged to be. Originally, Niyah played softball in school and became so good at it to the point was offered a softball scholarship to the University of Arkansas. Softball was her heart but her passion for music decided to turn it down.

Making sure Niyah stays on track, Tamika talked about some of the tips she gave her daughter in order to guide her the correct way to survive in the music business.

The logistics of the business. It’s not just about being a star. There’s a lot of things I didn’t learn until the last minute. Things like taxes, budgeting, and educating her on the business side.”

When left to Niyah, she’ll tell you the one piece of advice she got from her mother was simple and plain, “Not to get your dream car out the gate with your first paycheck.”

So the road has been laid down and Niyah is following a rare path open to new artist, and she doesn’t take this lightly. She knows it’s a business but she wants to make sure her music comes through loud and clear.

“I want you to hear a message in what I say, to make a movement. Especially for girls out there that you can do what you want to do no matter the age or race. Not just talk about money, cars and clothes.”

That sounds like a game plan to me, so make sure you “Hit ‘Em” this month.

  • Joseph Walker
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