Pro Baller Desmond Ferguson Turns Moneyball Sports Clothing Line Into Winner

Money Ball The Only Way To Ball

It’s been quite a long, learned and laborious path from playing ball in Detroit to owning and designing a sports clothing line that is a dream come true. That’s exactly how it happened to Desmond Ferguson @ IAMMONEYBALL, who has put time in with the Portland Trailblazers and the Charlotte Bobcats. But for the last 15-years, he has cultivated his talents as an entrepreneur with his athletic clothing line specializing in custom team uniforms and retail items called it Moneyball.

The former University of Detroit Mercy feels he has come a long way since cutting hair in his mother’s basement, however the dream had to start somewhere. While playing pro ball overseas Desmond came up with the idea and later met some manufacturers who could make the clothing by bringing his vision to life. Once that came to fruition, he started doing no-custom basketball uniforms based upon the relationships he made in the basketball world, and Moneyball transformed into producing all sports and retail items. Still, building a brand for Desmond started with the love of the game in school and college and was developed into a dream because he wanted a home-based business. Above anything else, he believes you must give back to the community that helped with your dream.

And what’s in a name? Desmond was known as a pretty good shooter during senior year in high school. He was in the top 5-players while still in school because every time he shot the ball, it was nothing but net, and the crowd would yell out “money ball.” So, the nickname stuck and was turned it into the business name.

What about his biggest inspiration? Desmond says it comes from a variety of successful people but there’s a more powerful and intimate belief.

People that inspire you are those you look up to and are those you can touch and feel, who are close to you. My mother and cousin Stevie are big influences and show great work ethics.”

Look for Moneyball Sportswear clothing line because it’s the only way to ball.

  • Joseph Walker, III
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